Mar 2, 2013

More snow days...

So it was about time I decided to get back in front of the camera. So today my bestest and I went out (with like a half hour of useable daylight left) and had ourselves some fun in the snow.



And I really love the ones my bestest got of me. I hardly ever like any pictures so I can relate to all the ladies out there when I say its so WONDERFUL to have some of myself. This is probably the biggest reason I love doing what I do.


Feb 10, 2013

Snow Days!

I don’t know about the rest of you but we’ve had a decided lack of snow here in Chicago. When it finally did snow, it came down all at once and I knew it wasn’t going to last very long. This shoot was very last minute, but a lot of FUN! Taylor is a very good friend of mine & a very good sport to brave the freezing cold. As you can see below, we got some good images out of it.


Feb 1, 2013

Baby Eli

As well as doing Eli's lifestyle shoot at the hospital, we also set up a shoot. At eight days new Eli was a perfect gem. He slept almost the entire time and put up with us moving, turning and posing him. What a trooper!

These were my favorites from our session.

Jan 24, 2013


As much as we all try and work out sessions in advance some things cannot be fully planned. We all knew Eli was going to be a bit early, so everything was set on Monday for the following week Tuesday. I was going to be there to photograph a lifestyle shoot at the hospital. Imagine my surprise getting a call that Thursday that Mama was in labor! Thankfully everything went smoothly and these are the images we were able to capture at the hospital. Meet Baby Eli...